Our Expertise

Enterprise Software

  • MRP/ERP implementation, migration, and support
  • Integration of MRP/ERP systems with internal and external associated systems
  • Design, development, implementation, and support of custom MRP/ERP software modules

Enterprise Information 

  • Automated extraction, distribution, and transformation of enterprise data across multiple systems and platforms
  • Integration and intelligent consolidation of enterprise information gathered from dissimilar sources
  • Normalization, aggregation, and routine systemic analysis of information patterns and trends

Enterprise Intelligence

  • Comprehensive reporting of functional and cross-functional information
  • Intuitive muti-faceted presentation of complex performance metrics
  • Forecasting and simulation modeling of demand, supply, and allocation scenarios

Enterprise Analysis

  • Expert interpretation of enterprise trends and performance indicators
  • Evaluation of cost and schedule risks, with actionable mitigation measures
  • Exploration of significant opportunities for improved business performance and value